Just over 250
municipalities use Inyett

Automated security for
1 million employees

A medium-sized municipality in Sweden pays about 250,000 invoices a year, and approximately 75 million transactions are paid to suppliers each year. Digital and automated support systems are a prerequisite for establishing good processes and routines for internal checks, which directly or indirectly creates security for the 1 million people working in the public sector.

A safe and protected
business climate

As of 2019, Inyett helps more than 250 of Sweden’s municipalities, which is equivalent to 88%, with automating their internal financial checks. In short terms, our unique service can check all of your suppliers and supplier payments whenever an individual payment is made, and indicates risks, oversights and errors. Everyone can make erroneous payments, and the media loves to draw attention to them. It’s a nice feeling to have, and be able to tell everyone that you have an internal checking service watching your back 24/7.

Svedala Municipality takes responsibility

We at Svedala Municipality are committed to taking on a great responsibility, not only for our customers and employees, but also for society at large. By automating the control and monitoring suppliers and customers, we know that those we do business with meet approved requirements. In this way, we increase the security and control, and can quality check our deliveries to all our municipal residents.

Our partner Inyett helps us achieve secure business. With their help, we control 100% of our suppliers and achieve full control at the first stage. If our suppliers also monitor their suppliers, the result will be safer business for all of us.

Robert Aradszky

Procurement Strategist, Svedala municipality

A powerful neighbourhood!

The more the merrier. We think that 250+ municipal customers says a lot about the benefits of Inyett, so let’s discover how we can help your municipality!

Avoid unneccessary risks and
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