Frequently asked questions

Here are our most frequent asked questions and answers about Inyett. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch!

Does the solution have to be integrated into existing accounting/ERP systems?

Inyett is a SaaS solution that does not need to be integrated into existing accounting and/or ERP systems.

How does the transfer of payment data work?

There are three different technical solutions that can be used for the automatic transfer of payment data. The most common is integration with transfer via SFTP.

What sort of data security can we expect, given that you are processing our payment information?

Security and confidentiality are key priorities at Inyett and a natural part of our business. Only a very few, relevant, individuals at Inyett have been given authorisation and direct access rights to our customers’ data; these are primarily our CTO and Head of Development, and to a certain extent personnel from IT/Operation/Support.

Payment files are transferred via an encrypted SSL connection, which is the same technology used by banks in Sweden. The files are stored at a separate location, from where they are downloaded into our general database. The payment files are then saved for 30-90 days and are then deleted and cannot be recovered.

Our servers are managed by IT Gården (Sweden) at a data centre that continuously monitors and improves operational reliability and security. IT Gården has an excellent security rating, among other certifications, and visits are only possible with an escort approved by the Swedish Security Service (Säpo). Data halls also have fire protection in accordance with agreement A60 and class 3 locks in accordance with the Swedish insurance industry’s RUS rules.

Who owns the data, Inyett or the customer?

Short answer: you, as the customer, own the data.

Long answer: Inyett AB undertakes to use non-anonymised information from the payment files only on the Customer’s behalf and not for any third party. However, the Supplier will be entitled to use general information in the Customer’s payment files and supplier records such as information on company name, bank account details and other similar general payment information to further develop the Supplier’s general databases of payees and the general performance of the Service. The Customer agrees to such use by the Supplier in exchange for the ability for the Customer, for its part, within the context of the Service, to benefit from equivalent information provided by other customers of the Supplier to build up the general databases and further develop the Service.

When do you look at payment data, before or after it has been sent to the bank?

Inyett is able to check payment data before or after it has been sent to the bank for payment.
Inyett recommends that Inyett Detect be used to analyse the actual payment data sent to the bank to avoid any risk of internal fraud, for example involving the manipulation of payment data after it has been checked.

Do customers pay per user licence?

Inyett is a subscription-based SaaS solution, where you, as the customer, pay a fixed monthly fee based on the number of transactions required.

How can we, as the customer, stop a payment? Can it be done direct in the service or through our bank?

Payments can be stopped directly by you, as the customer, or at your bank, but not in Inyett.

How soon is a receipt issued confirming that you have checked our payment file?

Within a few minutes, depending on how large the file is. It is normally within 3-6 minutes.

Are you GDPR compliant, given that your service processes personal data?

Inyett takes an active approach to issues concerning information security and GDPR. We have adopted a suitable structure and approach to be used when processing our information. By actively following the guidelines set out in GDPR, we know what information assets we have and what requirements and demands apply in terms of our information security.