Automatically checks every supplier payment

Discover and stop erroneous payments with Inyett Detect

Automated checks of your supplier payments in real time give you indications such as double payments, whether the recipient is a risky supplier, if there is an erroneous payment or if your company has been hit by a potential fraud that may have serious consequences.

Checks on supplier

Checks on transaction

  • F-taxChecks if the supplier is registered for F-tax   
  • Deviant payment patternsThe amount of your payment differs from the amount which is normally paid to this recipient.
  • Unknown account connectionIndication showing that the giro link to the company registration number is unknown.
  • Debt ratingPayment to a recipient who has debts registered with the Swedish Enforcement Authority, has gone bankrupt or undergone a merger or debt restructuring.
  • Factoring
  • Inactive accountsYour payment is made to an inactive giro-number which is no longer in use.
  • Individual monitoringPayment to a recipient where a monitored person is active on the board or is an owner.
  • Fraudulent companiesYour payment is being made to a an active fraudulent company.

Checks on transaction

  • Duplicate (Same day)A similar payment, to the same recipient, and at the same amount, has been made on the same day.
  • Duplicate (Different days)A similar payment, to the same recipient, with the same OCR number and exactly the same amount, has been made before.
  • Duplicate (Reminder)A similar payment, to the same recipient, with the same OCR number and at almost the same amount, has been made before.
  • Duplicate (Company group)
  • LimitYour payment exceeds a pre-set amount, is being issued to a giro-number under monitoring or is issued in a certain way.     
  • Limit agreementYour payment is being made to a recipient to whom you have paid in excess of a certain amount over the last 12 months, and who is not an active contract supplier.   
  • Deviant sum
  • CurrencyPayment with different currencies to the same recipient.

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Inyett Detect

By analysing the transaction flow of supplier payments, Inyett Detect makes smart checks that give greater peace of mind. For you, Inyett Detect involves a smart receipt with indications via email on the transactions that are about to be implemented. It creates control, increased security, peace of mind for for managers and pro-activity.With Inyett Detect, the risk of internal and external fraud, which can have a negative impact on your brand with consequences that create great costs and losses, is reduced.

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