Connect to Inyett

Congratulations on making a great choice! It’s time to get connected to Inyett. There are three options to choose from.


Integration with transfer via SFTP

Connection to our server via SFTP in order to submit payment files.

With this option, we create an account for you on our server that you can connect to using your username and password. You connect directly to the root folder where the payment file is uploaded to. All you need to set up is an integration that makes copies of payment files.

Web service

A simple, web-based service for transferring payment files.

Connect to the address/URL

This method is called “SendFile” and requires three parameters:
A licence key (we’ll supply you with the licence key)

The payment file in a binary format

The name of the payment file

Tjänsten returnerar en “integer” med följande värde:
0 : Success
-128 : Incorrect licence key
-130 : Unknown error

This setup requires an integration that connects to the address and transfers copies of payment files using the above method.

Inyett Encrypt Service

A proprietary Windows service that works like a simple file monitor. Monitors the specified folder and transfers copies of payment files via an encrypted communication channel.

This service requires 4 things to work:
1. It needs to run on a Windows operating system.
2. The server used to run the service has to have the right .NET version installed (.NET 4.0.)
3. The service must have full access to the folders/search paths used.
4. The service needs port 443 to be open to

In the configuration file for the service, you define which search paths are to be used, which files are to be localised and which licence key is to be used. We will give you this key.

Contact us if you need help

Please contact our second line technical support if you have any questions about your connection.

  Give us a call on +46 42 610 50 26
  Send an email to
  Chat with us at the bottom right of this page


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