About Inyett

Welcome to
us at Inyett!

Every day, Inyett changes the world for thousands of economists by changing the way they work when it comes to financial security and internal checks. Using smart services, Inyett automates the checks on payments and suppliers, and warns of errors, risks and fraud in organisations’ payments.

Inyett creates secure transactions and contributes to a safer business community. By, amongst other things, paying attention to errors in payments, transactions with fraudulent activities, payments to risk providers, but also attempts at fraud and corruption.

The idea

It started with
a trip to the South Pacific

Back in 2009, a woman in southern Sweden received an incorrect payment into her account from a municipality. The municipality wanted to issue the regular payment of SEK 3980, but SEK 398,000 was deposited instead. The woman decided to travel to the South Pacific and spend a large chunk of the money.
When she returned to Sweden, the municipality requested the money back, but the court established that the woman ”acted in good faith”!

This incident led to the creation of Inyett’s business idea for secure payments.

Short version of Inyett

Inyett was founded in 2009 and much has happened since then.
This is the abridged version.


Inyett is founded

The Inyett concept begins to crystallise from a vision formed by our resident genius, Johan Henckel. It all stems from a project undertaken at Lund University.


The launch

Inyett launches for the swedish market, by the name ”Guardian”.


100 swedish municipalities

In mid-2013, Inyett secures its one-hundredth municipal customer in Sweden.


200 swedish municipalities

By autumn 2015, 200 Swedish municipalities are working with Inyett and a number of private companies have had their eyes opened.



Collaboration formed between Inyett and the world’s largest auditing firm, PwC.



Inyett certifies in ISO9001 and ISO14001. A certificate of issue is awarded to the business and eventually also the right to conduct credit reporting activities.


Inyett Norway

After a few years of exclusivity for Swedish customers, Inyett expands its service to Norway and the first Norwegian municipalities join.


Welcome Visma!

Inyett becomes a company within Visma, one of the leading software companies in Europe.