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Automatisk ekonomisk internkontroll

Secure business transactions and payments

Automated internal financial control

Search for and check any company in Sweden before purchasing. Obtain automatic payment control that issues alerts each time irregular payments occur, and provides access to statistics back in time.

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Payment control

A smart solution for secure payments

Our solution analyses your payments and issues alerts straight to your inbox if irregularities occur.

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    We scan your payment file when it is sent to the bank.
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    An alert appears in your inbox within 60 seconds.
  • 3
    Stop your payment at the bank



Förklaring av abonnemang Förklaring av abonnemang Visitkort Inyett


Cut costs by adopting simplified, automated processes. Highlight and gain more insight into outgoing payments.


Adopt a consistent model for managing and assessing small, business-critical risks. Keep closer track of suppliers that constitute a substantial risk.


Automate your workflows and reporting. Create a standardised process for the whole organisation.


Prioritise, highlight, limit and streamline. Perform specific checks and become better equipped to take swift action.

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largest firm of accountants

A unique partnership between PwC and Inyett focused on you, the customer.

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Secure payments and
approved suppliers.

Inyett helps companies and organisations to carry out secure business transactions and automate internal financial control. Our digital solutions highlight irregularities that occur when our customers make payments, enabling them to take appropriate action.

Monitoring outgoing payments is a challenge, but our solutions ensure greater peace of mind and security at all times, helping our customers choose the right suppliers. Obtain information about any company in Sweden before making purchases, receive irregular payment alerts straight to your inbox and work with payments back in time to improve internal control across the board.